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Автор: Бригада

Название mp3: Сюжет

Mp3 длится: 03:20

Добавлено: 2016-02-19

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This is a true story of the genesis of the Russian criminal world.
- Послушайте меня ребята. Только поймите меня правильно.
- OK, listen to me, boys. Just don’t get me wrong.
Once upon a time in the end of the perestroika Russian boy Alexander White come home from the Soviet Army
His girl betrayed him, and she is sleeping with a bandit
Alexander White was very angry. But he had faithful schoolmates: The Space, The Bee, and The boxer Phil. They shoot the bandit and so they become bandits too.
Our bandits come to Moscow aluminum oligarch and said: “Now we are your roof”
Aluminum oligarchs was very afraid, and disappear.
White and his friends become owners of the big aluminum business and they get very big money. They purchase luxurious cars Mercedes Benz and applied for a dirty job many young bandits and they become the kings of life. Alexader fall in love with beautiful girl who was playing a violin and his friend The Space fall in love with cocaine.
- I’m talking seriously. They can shoot me, but the bullet can hit you
- Я говорю серьезно. Могут стрелять по мне, а зацепят вас.
- Саша, это наше общее дело.
- Alexander this is our common business.
- И потом – мы с первого класса вместе.
- We are together since first class
- И за все что мы делаем мы отвечаем вместе
- And all we do is our common responsibility
- Бригада
- The mafiya
But nobody loves another success. Other Russian bandit want to kill Alexander White and his friends. And they put the explosives into Mercedes Benz
The car was destroyed but Alexander White is lайve because his friend Phil saved him
Phil got into the coma. It was the revenge of former militia man, who was a brother to the bandit killed in the beginning of this fantastic motion picture. But Alexander White and his friends continue the business. They meet Middle Asia drug diller who was Alexander’s big friend when they were Soviet soldiers. In the Soviet Army they were smoking marihuana. The same time
KGB officers wanted to get control over the Alexander White and his friends.
This was a very complicated situation.
- Бригада
- The mafiya
Alexander White understand than only the political activity can save the criminal business and Alexander become a deputy of Russian Parliament. But his enemies don’t sleep. They killed Alexander friend’s Phil, The Space, and The Bee. And lonely authority makes his big decision.
He send his family to some country of third world and declare total death match vendetta on his enemies. Blood fills Russian television sets
- Мама дорогая, весело живется в России, весело.
- Mother darling it is fun to live in Russia, fun.

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