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Автор: Mikey P. feat tellingbeatzz

Название mp3: When I was up

Mp3 длится: 03:00

Добавлено: 2016-01-27

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Текст песни:

When I was up everybody used to say wassup nobody could stop me and sink into slop
At all the spots I always put the God first cuz I never thought my life could become worse
And all my verses were not like this one in reverse I enjoyed the time that I lived young
The rising sun and wind was enough for me and All I wanted to do was just to be free.
When I was up girls were not like fucking sluts they didn’t take money just for sucking cocks
The clock is ticking and everything’s changed a lot nobody could predict life story plot
I took a shot and everytime it was successful but now all of my efforts are rather dreadful
Cuz things thoughts and people really aren’t so simple they changed so fast and now I feel single

It’s like when you feel one detail is missed that’s why your lifestyle somehow is in twist
To become happy you have to use your fists all the people need money even every single priest
All the life values seem to be different now It’s hard to stand alone against the furious crowd
No physician can put stitches on my wounds I can’t see the sky cuz I see clouds
Limited place negative space seem to form a different race horrible men full of disgrace looking for way from this difficult maze
This fact amazes me so much cuz people lose their praise He ya’ll I ask you to return back to these good old days
I still remember these times I dream about them at nights no jealousy no anger no lies
Keep this marvelous feeling deep in your heart and remember these great days when we were up

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