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Автор: Mr. Krane

Название mp3: The Beauty Of Independence

Mp3 длится: 01:50

Добавлено: 2016-01-24

Текст просмотрен: 174

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Текст песни:

I keep on doin' my thang, just like the years back,
I'm not a one hit wonder but starve for platinum plaques,
Was starving for girls, fame, drugs, yeah, my darling,
Cause life is what you make it, I gon' try to make it money,
The independence is fucking beautiful, I know why,
No major muthafucka gonna make you thug for cry,
I pledge allegiance to style, self-made, I created
A cult around me, the goats fuck around and get hated,
My company hatin' misery, we be strange cause of music,
My life is fucked, I'm a student, got a drug? I gon' use it,
Been snortin' dope and been grindin' my whole life, understand it,
Cause I'm an artist sensitive by my shit, it's amazing,
Music alters ya mood and talks to you, so do I,
My stories 'bout my struggles, I will not sacrifice
The style my genes gave to me, put that shit in my pocket,
I see a fucker sold out for the fame, I say "Fuck him!",
He used to be a fucking legend, now he raps the shit,
I'd rather get a cool beat and some wicked rhymes to spit,
He broke it up with the streets, keep on fucking the game
Up 'till you die in the dirt of the trap remember my name,
I still be hard as I Em, Asher Roth gon' respect me,
Cause I be shouting him out, it's the best shit he gets here,
I'm hypnotizing your mind, give me cash from your pocket,
Get ready, the war is coming, I'm on top, motherfuckers!

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